We’ve been enjoying working with some of our younger students these past weeks with the book, “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain“.

We learned about the different parts of our brain but more importantly, how we can grow it.

Like our muscles, we need to exercise our brains. An important item we learned from the book, is that our brain learns the most from mistakes.

Instead of getting frustrated when we have made a mistake, we should take a step back and ask ourselves; ” What did I learn from this mistake , and what do I need to change the next time I do the task?”

We sculpted our brains with model magic, what a fun way to learn!

Crista A. Hopp, M.A.
Crista A. Hopp, M.A.

Crista is trained to coach as an Academic coach, Executive Function (EF) coach, and individuals with ADHD. Crista can be reached through her website at www.ConnectedPathwaysCoaching.com/contact-us.