How Are We Doing?

Here are some of the things our Families have to say about our coaches:

College Student

​”My daughter worked with Crista beginning in her senior year through the end of her freshman year in college. My daughter has ADHD and is incredibly book smart. Crista’s caring and no BS attitude was perfect for my daughter. She didn’t let her off the hook and held her accountable with perfect tact. Besides teaching my daughter processes and systems to stay on task and all the EF stuff, she really helped my daughter understand herself and understand the impact ADHD has and will have on her life (if she doesn’t get herself together). She helped my daughter take charge of the issue and speak up for herself. Crista was a buffer for me and was able to get thru to my daughter on issues where my daughter would just roll her eyes at me. Crista’s coaching, without question, is a game changer.”


“I wanted to give you and your team a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done for my son. It really is remarkable. His grades have turned around, he is no longer overwhelmed by what he has to do and actually has a handle on what needs to be done and by when. The coaches and body doubles have been simply wonderful. He and I don’t argue about his work, I follow up based on what I hear from Giovanna and somehow that doesn’t cause friction. Because of Bek, Giovanna, and Monique, he has thrived.”

“Crista came highly recommended to us as someone who could coach our daughter on how best to work with her ADHD. This past school year, Crista has helped her to get organized, plan for large assignments and work differently to achieve better results. Our daughter’s grades have drastically improved and we find that she is much happier and more confident. Crista has also helped us as parents understand how our daughter’s brain works. She helped to guide us through the process of applying for a 504 plan at school, which we received. We are looking forward to starting next school year off with a plethora of tools in our belt. Thanks Crista!”


“Crista was very helpful in brainstorming solutions to various issues with our three children. Not just related to ADHD, but related to family dynamics and personalities, as well. Crista’s solutions were manageable and helped smooth out some of the difficult areas in our household. Crista was also helpful when she attended our IEP meeting with the school. She provided valuable input and had excellent ideas on how the school can better help our child.”

“2018 has been an amazing year of development and independence for me. Thank you so much for guiding me into what I am today. I could have not done it without you!”