Summer Coaching

Notes to Study Material – 1 Hour Session

We want our students to study as they learn. In this session they will be taught to create study material from lecture and text notes.

Textbook Reading – 2 Hour Session

Our A students are getting to college and really struggling because they’ve NEVER used a textbook. This training perfectly compliments the college prep students but really is great for any student. We will utilize an online textbook and walk through each of the steps needed to read a textbook for information and take notes on the reading. Students will practice these steps on and online notebook and/or printed PDF.

College Prep – 4 One-Hour Sessions

Many of our students struggle in their transition into college. There are so many things to manage as they become independent. This will be a four-session program that will include things like: how to get accommodations, orientation to a syllabi, portal review, and time management (just to name a few). Perfect for rising seniors and college freshmen.

Textbook Reading and Notes to Study Material Combo – 3 Hours

This is a combo of two programs (Textbook Reading and Notes to Study). See items above for descriptions.

Academic Combo

Includes the 4 College Prep sessions, the 2-hour Textbook Reading session, and the 1-hour Notes to Study Material session.

Escape Room Challenges

The National  Association of College and Employers recently reported that 60% of employers focus more on problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a team than GPA when hiring. Because we know that kids learn  more executive functions through play, we decided to create fun activities that focus on problem-solving and the following of directions. 

Weekly we will have group opportunities for teams to work through and escape room. Escape rooms offer themes of Star Wars and Monster Inc. We may be adding some more. Each escape room will have six challenges that will be based on the problem-solving strategies they are learning in the beginning of the room. The challenges must be solved in order to solve the mystery and to get out of the room.

1 Escape Room Session


Group Escape Room Session



Kids with Executive Function challenges often miss parts of instruction. This can be caused by temporarily losing focus or strugglin with working memory or processing speed. Each student will receive a Lego set in the mail and will participate in a session that focuses on listening to directions while putting together their Lego kit.

1 Lego Session


Group Lego Session


Lego and Escape Room Combos

Escape Room + Lego Sessions Combo


2-Pak Escape Rooms + Lego Sessions Combo


Group Escape Room and Lego Session Combo


2-Pak Group Escape Rooms and Legos Sessions Combo



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