We often have parents ask us about our recommendations for organized binder systems that work for our students.

A few things to consider:

~Some teachers have specific requests for Binders. We find that teachers are often wiling to work with systems that WORK for students. We suggest you send a letter to the teachers explaining why this system works better (ie: Only one place for students to keep items.)

~With traditional block schedules, most students find it easier to have one binder for each day. BUT if your school has a non-traditional block schedule or if your student just wants one binder; we recommend the new double Z Case It.

~The Five Star Flex is not large enough for all classes. Your HS student will need two.

~Our students tend to need a stronger folders to hold up for the year. We recommend the heavy duty folders for which ever binder you decide to have for your student.

Crista A. Hopp, M.A.
Crista A. Hopp, M.A.

Crista is trained to coach as an Academic coach, Executive Function (EF) coach, and individuals with ADHD. Crista can be reached through her website at www.ConnectedPathwaysCoaching.com/contact-us.