Organizational systems and educational systems work differently for different individuals. These are some of the items I use that I find work with a majority of my students.

Great Products

Clocky – Do you abuse the snooze? This hilarious robotic clock will run away from you, forcing you to get up to shut it off. Super-loud alarm –

Livescribe Pen – Captures audio. Perfect for classroom notes and office meetings. 2 Gig pen can hold over 200 hours of audio – On

Planner Pads – Get organized and get your life back! Great for college students –

Great Informational Websites

ADDitude – Online magazine of strategies for ADHD and LD –

CHADD – Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder –

Learning Works for Kids – Great website for parents, helps you pick the best video games for your child and to develop an plan for getting the most out of them –

Understood – For learning and attention issues –

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