Parent Coaching

Navigating a new diagnosis for your child can be challenging.

Coaches work with parents on understanding Executive Functions, ADHD and the brain ( if your child has been given this diagnosis), routines, and goals that will assist the family.

We recommend Parent Coaching for all children ten and younger. For 11 and 12 year olds we consider the maturity of the child and may make the recommendation to begin with Parent Coaching.

It is important that Parents have a good foundation of understanding so that they can work along with coaches in supporting their children. We try to make Parent Coaching accommodating for busy households by holding virtual appointments during lunch hours.

Once Parent Coaching is completed, there may be an option to coach your child.

Very Helpful ...

“Crista was very helpful in brainstorming solutions to various issues with our three children. Not just related to ADHD, but related to family dynamics and personalities as well. Crista’s solutions were manageable and helped smooth out some of the difficult areas in our household. Crista was also helpful when she attended our IEP meeting with the school. She provided valuable input and had excellent ideas on how the school can better help our child.”