I love this idea by fellow coach Jennifer Carlton Kampfe. (Make sure to visit her site at http://www.fantasticallyfocused.com/hearts/).

Did you know ADHD experts estimated that children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages by age 12 than children without ADHD? 20,000 more negative messages!

Let’s start at three years old, when most children start pre-school. From age 3 to 12 your child would hear around 2,857 more negative messages a year; around 238 more negative messages a month; 55 more negative messages a week; and about 7 more negative messages per day than his/her peers.

The idea, each day, from February 1st-14th, shower your child with all the things you love about him/her using one of the hearts. You can post the hearts on their bedroom door, their bathroom mirror, put them in their lunchbox, or share them anyway you’d like. Be creative!

Crista A. Hopp, M.A.
Crista A. Hopp, M.A.

Crista is trained to coach as an Academic coach, Executive Function (EF) coach, and individuals with ADHD. Crista can be reached through her website at www.ConnectedPathwaysCoaching.com/contact-us.