Image - Crista Hopp

Crista Hopp, MA

Many years ago, I realized that there were other professionals and parents who had students with Executive Function challenges, and didn’t quite understand them.

It’s been my vision for several years to create a comprehensive course that is for teachers, parents, and coaches. I want to make sure to provide useful information like brain science, research, and an easy way to understand Executive Functions, with techniques that can be used at home and at school.

It is my pleasure to introduce Part One of my new course, Creating Unique Pathways: Executive Functions, which will be available for registration starting September 30, 2021:

Part One is a series of self-paced recorded lessons. Included are videos that describe the Executive Function, brain science, accommodations and techniques, and the emotional side of executive functions.

PART ONE – Includes:

Executive Function
Working Memory

There will also be interactive discussion, learning activities, and a workbook