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You’re ready to empower your students, BUT you’re missing the critical info and tools you need to expand your expertise.

You understand there are some students that require more support, and you know traditional methods are not always working.

You want to be a professional that aspires to establish a reputation as an educator specializing in executive function, deeply comprehending the influence of brain science on our students, and equipped to offer personalized tools and strategies to address the unique needs of your students.

Here are some of the things holding you back (from becoming the expert educators you want to be):

  1. The wealth of information on executive functions and student success is overwhelming!  Our course is delivered through concise videos, presenting information in a clear and easily comprehensible manner.
  2. A common concern is whether the course material will be put to practical use. Becoming proficient in the content doesn’t necessarily translate to knowing how to APPLY it effectively with students. With our course, you not only gain valuable learning content, but also access activities that you can readily apply with your students, ensuring that the knowledge is put to immediate use.
  3. Many teachers and coaches have busy schedules, making it challenging to find the time for additional training. We understand your time is valuable. Our course has been created so that you have lifetime access so if you cannot finish the course with your cohort, you can work at your own pace.
  4. Learning may be an isolating and an overly theoretical endeavor. In addition to video content, you’ll engage in hands-on activities and live sessions that feature team breakout sessions for practical application, all while having access to a supportive community.
  5. Occasionally, educators and coaches encounter resistance from their institutions when seeking further training. EF is not only important to academics but also in other life areas. Did you know that “EF is an individual’s most valuable asset”? Read it here And don’t be afraid to forward it to your supervisor ; ). Promote the significance of executive function (EF) training within educational and coaching organizations. Share the advantages and advocate for institutional recognition and support of this professional development.

Executive Function is the latest buzzword, which means plenty of people are adding it to their coaching offerings, but here’s the thing, there’s a lot to know about E.F. and concrete tools students need but very few places to learn it all!

But you can set yourself apart with our specialized training in Executive Function that only a select few possess. You will possess the proper training and proficiency to feel self-assured in comprehending executive function and supporting your students with effective tools and strategies.

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to expand your services in tutoring or coaching, opening doors to reach a wider student base, elevate your pricing and enrollment, and create more opportunities for career advancement.

Join our 11-week course to get formal training, collaborate, and expand your services!

Web Portal with modules will be released each week.

Each module will include relevant brain science on EF’s.

Practical techniques in each module to utilize with students.

Current research in module relating to each EF.

Hands-on activities for you to complete and to use with students.

Community support available through forums and meetings.

Workbook to keep notes and be organized with content.

Weekly live sessions with interactive activities.

Here’s what a few of our students have to say about how this experience
has impacted their work:

“Crista Hopp’s Executive Function Specialist class has so many strategies and tools to enable coaches, teachers, and parents to more effectively empower students. I was a teacher for 31 years and wish I had taken her course much sooner.”


“The Executive Function Course from Connected Pathways Coaching has more than met my needs. Each module includes information about a particular executive function, including the brain science piece in a way that can be understood by a layman, as well as strategies and techniques that can be used to support clients who have executive function deficits. Additionally, each module has at least one activity to demonstrate how that particular executive function works. I have already used some of these activities with my clients to gain more insight into their challenges.”


“This course has been an invaluable resource to me as a coach working with students, adults, and even with family, to include a post-stroke senior. It’s an abundance of researched-based information. The course breaks down executive functions in great detail, encompassing expected development and how deficits manifest. It includes strategies and tools to help assess and build skills. It has given me and my clients knowledge and insight to help move them forward”


Meet your Instructor

Image - Crista Hopp, MA

Crista A. Hopp

I understand the time it takes, the multitude of sources to sift through, and the frustration of lacking practical tools. That’s why I established The Executive Function Specialist Community to support coaches like yourself.

It’s been my vision for several years to create a comprehensive course that included a community for teachers, academic coaches, ADHD coaches, tutors, and other professionals. I want to make sure to provide useful information like brain science, research, and an easy way to understand Executive Functions, with techniques that can be used at home and at school.

I have had the good fortune to work with children and adults of all backgrounds throughout my career. My experience includes both children and adults with and without disabilities. Many years ago, I was you! I was working with students and didn’t understand executive function and how it was impacting students.

Even holding a Bachelor’s degree from Rowan University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie University; I still didn’t know. It wasn’t until I began working as a Research Coordinator for the Prematurity’s Effects on Toddlers, Infants, and Teens Study, known as PETIT, that I began to understand executive function.

This was a longitudinal study being conducted in Northern Virginia through Inova Children’s Hospital and Fairfax Neonatal Associates. I worked with this study from 2008-2014 under the direction of Ida Sue Baron, PhD.

Among many roles, I administered neuropsychological tests to children ages three, six, and nine and also supervised students from local universities in their administration of neuro-psychological assessments to children that participated in the study. I also trained our interns.

I’ll never forget one day when an intern told me about a paper she had written about executive function for her secondary education class. Her professor was amazed on the topic, and had NEVER heard of executive function. This was who was teaching our future teachers.

I quickly realized that there were other professionals and parents who had students with Executive Function challenges, and didn’t quite understand them.

​I’m a Graduate of JST Coaching in Coaching Children with ADHD and Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD.  I’m also a graduate of the Anti-boring Approach to Powerful Studying, Academic Coaching. With a diverse background in counseling, individuals with and without disabilities, neuropsychological assessment, and coaching;

If you’re ready to learn everything you need for becoming an Executive Function Specialist through:

  • An EF Community that participates in live sessions
  • Ready-made practical activities that you can immediately implement with your students
  • Effective approachies and methods
  • Web Portal with concise videos that are research-based, and a workbook
  • Exercises to help you experience executive function.

EF Specialist Course

Payment in Full: $1,299* or
Three Payments: $450/mo for 3 months

* Note: Register for your spot now before January 21, 2024 and get SPECIAL EARLY BIRD pricing of only $960!  (After January 21 the price will go up to the full $1,299).

EF Specialist Community

August – May
$395 monthly, billed yearly $3,950
$495 monthly, billed quarterly $1,237.50


  • Yearly recertification
  • Able to join any cohort at any time
  • Monthly Community Call including one case study
  • Access to Connected Pathways Technology Resoure Portal, including resources like:
  • Quarterly Trainings on cutting-edge topics, including:
  • ICF Continuing Education hours and Professional Development hours.

To join the EF Specialist Community, you must first register for EF Specialist Course above. Once you are registered you will be sent more information about the Community.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the biggest benefits to me for my investment in time and money?

You will be walking away with a unique specialization that you will be able to market in your practice. If you are a teacher, you can utilize it to expand your portfolio or utilize it when tutoring, or even become a coach! Opportunities for promotion, higher fees, and expanding your clientele. The content is immediately practical and can be put to use right away.

Are there other trainings I can attend that are cheaper or faster, etc.?

Yes, but other programs will not offer you the comprehensive program our course will. They will not have practical activities that you can use with your students that are already created! And I’m willing to wager that most of them don’t offer you a collaborative community experience with fellow educators who are also on a learning journey while actively working with students.

Do I need the annual recertification?

Yes, if you plan on marketing yourself as an Executive Function Specialist, you need our annual review. Brain science is constantly changing, and we want to make sure you are using up to date strategies and techniques.

What is included in my annual recertification?

There will be updated content on specific topics, additional activities, and a new badge for your website, resume, linkedin profile, etc..

Join us and expand  your expertise, learn tangible ways to share critical executive function knowledge and strategies with your students while igniting  your students’ potential!