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Crista Hopp, MA

Many years ago, I realized that there were other professionals and parents who had students with Executive Function challenges, and didn’t quite understand them.

It’s been my vision for several years to create a comprehensive course that is for teachers, academic coaches, ADHD coaches, tutors, and other professionals. I want to make sure to provide useful information like brain science, research, and an easy way to understand Executive Functions, with techniques that can be used at home and at school.

It is my pleasure to introduce Part One of my new course, Specialized Training in Executive Functions.

Part One is a series of self-paced recorded lessons. Included are videos that describe individual Executive Function, the brain science, accommodations and techniques, emotional side of executive functions. There will also be activities and a workbook to complete.

Who is perfect for this course?

This course is perfect for teachers, tutors, academic and ADHD coaches looking for an in-depth understanding of executive function. Throughout the course you will learn important research-based information about executive function skills and how to support and strengthen them through a variety of tools which are provided. Understanding executive function is especially important now as the prevalence of mental health challenges is on the rise. As a result of these mental health challenges, we are currently seeing students with executive function impairments that have NO OTHER diagnosable disabilities.

What do executive function challenges look like in kids with and without disabilities?

    • They want to complete their work but lack the motivation
    • They tend to overestimate their abilities
    • They have difficulties estimating how long it will take to do something
    • They get sidetracked
    • They often forget important dates, details and directions

    Just to name a few….

    What does the course cover?

    Each module will allow  you to experience the executive function or other topic area with activities, additional student activities that are ready to go for your students, brain science, strategies and accommodations for both home and school. Module on Executive Function Defines EF and explains the import brain science. When we understand EF, we can support our students with research based material. For example, understanding there is no relationship between EF and intelligence. There can be a child with an above average IQ but have a 3 year delay in EF skills. Metacognition You will have a better understanding on the ways metacognition impacts our students and the importance it has in the learning process. For example, you will know which questions to ask a student in order to help with their reading comprehension. Flexibility An understanding of the development of flexibility. When knowing a student has a challenge in the area of flexibility, you will learn how to approach techniques in a different way. For example, when creating an after school schedule with a student, it may be different when considering flexibility. Working Memory Have an understanding that working memory is the #1 predictor of academic success. You will also learn how working memory is different than other types of memory and how it may impact students both at home and school. You will be able to identify which tools to use when a student is having difficulties remembering all the steps to their morning routine. There are SO MANY tools for this executive function, I had to break it up into two videos! BONUS Module on Multitasking You will have an understanding of the science behind multitasking. You will be able to explain to your students why they SHOULDN’T watch YouTube while doing their homework from a brain perspective. In order to become Specialized in Executive Function, you must do the following:
            • Complete the modules on the web portal for both Part 1 and Part 2 (these are self-paced recorded lessons).
            • Complete the  workbook questions and case studies.
            • Attend live Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions.
            • Have a 1:1 review meeting.
    To continue your specializations, there will be an annual review to receive your new logo with additional content and material.