Coaching Children

Whereas many coaches work only with teens, we specialize in addressing the needs of children ages 8 to 12.

This group is often the most under-serviced, and when interventions are utilized earlier, it can make a great impact in their lives.

We do also work with Teens. We are all trained as academic coaches, which particularly helps with this age group.

    • Age 10 and younger – Coaches work with parents on understanding their child’s diagnosis, and in working with Executive Functions, routines and goals that will assis the family. After Parent Coaching, there may then be an option to work with the child.
    • Ages 11-12 (depending on maturity) – Coaches work primarily with the child, and additional time is spent with both the child and the parents.  Weekly check-ins with parents are conducted through emails and one phone call weekly. (*Some parents find it useful to complete the parent coaching program first with this age group, especially with a new diagnosis.)
    • Teens – Coaches work directly with teens. Parental updates are given. Check-ins are conducted weekly with the teen.

An Amazing Year ...!

“… [It was] an amazing year of development and independence for me. Thank you so much for guiding me into what I am today. I could not have done it without you!”